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Understanding Stroke
The brain, different types of stroke, mini-stroke and how stroke affects my body.

Stroke signs
Know the signs, know what to do, awareness tools, videos that show stroke, success stories and saves.

Preventing Another Stroke
The signs, knowing and changing your risk factors, healthy choices, and working your healthcare team.

Stroke Care
Your stroke recovery team, your first days, discharge, and your first weeks.

Living with physical changes
Communication, challenges with arms and legs, swallowing problems, and bladder and bowl problems.

Connecting with friends and family, sex and intimacy.

Living with Changes to Emotions, Energy and Thinking
Emotional changes, low energy, thinking problems and changes in perception.

Everyday Tasks & Activities
Bathing, grooming and dressing, preparing meals, eating and drinking, driving and chores.

Returning to work
Looking at your abilities and volunteering.

Financial Matters
Your sources of income, savings on taxes, medical expenses and advance planning.

Stroke resource directory
Search for available Provincial and National resources.

Living with StrokeTM

Participate in a Stroke Clinical Trial

Exercise programs

Free publications

Stroke in children (Pediatric stroke)

Women, stroke and heart disease

Palliative care
What is it, when to seek it, who provides, how to access.