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Celebrity chef and health experts stir up excitement around childhood nutrition
Jamie Oliver and Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition identify areas for immediate action. New approaches needed in tobacco control: Time to make smoking the new smoking
Health experts commit to a tobacco endgame that would bring prevalence rate to “less than 5 by ‘35”. Health coalition gives proposed legislation to protect children a gold star
Senator tables public bill to prohibit food and beverage marketing to kids. Heart and Stroke Foundation commits to closing the gap in Indigenous health
Foundation’s Indigenous health strategy focuses on health reconciliation. Mind the connection: Link between stroke and dementia more powerful than we think
Covert strokes that Canadians don’t even recognize are increasing their risk of dementia Plain and simple truth: standardized packaging leaves no room for marketing
Regulations banning promotional features on tobacco products will stub out appeal The Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds the Ontario Government’s announcement of a First Nations Health Action Plan
Indigenous Health is a Foundation health priority. The Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds health measures in 2016 Federal Budget
Federal budget includes $5 million to the Heart and Stroke Foundation for women’s heart health research. STATE OF EMERGENCY IN NORTHERN ONTARIO: HSF urges health organizations to join together in response to Indigenous health Call to Action
Collective support of national health organizations in Canada required to end needless deaths and suffering caused by profoundly poor determinants of health. Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds Senate committee recommendations
 Senate report outlines important nutrition policy measures to support healthy choices. Health organizations tell food industry: pick on someone your own age
New coalition urges ban on all food and beverage marketing to children and youth. Canadian Red Cross and Heart and Stroke Foundation share the science behind new first aid guidelines
Updates impact how Canadians treat minor and major emergencies. Canada is failing our heart failure patients
This growing and silent epidemic comes with crippling costs for the healthcare system and Canadian families. Heart and Stroke Foundation invests in the best medical minds in the world
Foundation invests close to $31 million into research across Canada. 1 in 5 Canadians will develop heart failure: National survey reveals misconceptions
It’s time to put heart failure on the map to help Canadians better understand this incurable condition. Ambitious research initiative aims to significantly increase Canadian survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest
Final Truth and Reconciliation Report leads the way forward to a healthier Canada
Foundation praises work of Commission, courage of survivors. Family history can double your risk of heart disease and stroke, yet new poll finds a third of Canadians have not discussed inherited risks with their doctor
To raise awareness and funds the Heart and Stroke Foundation focuses holiday campaign on genetic research. World Stroke Day 2015 proclamation sounds alarm around stroke and dementia
‘We need to redouble our efforts around prevention,’ says Heart and Stroke Foundation CEO. Heart and Stroke Foundation research propelled through visionary partnership
2015 CP Has Heart Cardiovascular Research Award recipients announced. Making healthy platform promises a reality
Foundation anticipates working with new government to improve heart health of Canadians Heart and Stroke Foundation’s top health app is now even better
Blogger follows up 135 lb. weight loss with <30 Days app and finds it motivates to maintain healthy habits and prevent heart disease and stroke The Heart and Stroke Foundation says the power to save a life may be in your pocket or purse
New guidelines emphasize the importance of bystander response World Heart Day 2015 focuses on healthy heart environments for everyone, everywhere
To mark World Heart Day 2015, the Heart and Stroke Foundation is joining the World Heart Federation in calling on Canada and the global community to ensure the right to heart-healthy environments so that people all around the world have the opportunity to make healthy heart choices. Foundation urges Canadians to cut the crap
New position statement on saturated fat emphasizes natural/whole foods.
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