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Fruit juice is going down the drain
The Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds Health Canada’s intention to strengthen nutrition messages. CP commits $3 million to move cardiac research forward
New visionary partnership largest in the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s history. Foundation research is at the core of the race to save lives
Foundation invests close to $34 million this year in research across Canada. Big challenges lie ahead for Canadians’ heart health despite decades of research advances
Heart disease touches more than one in two Canadians and new obstacles loom on the horizon, according to 2015 Report on the Health of Canadians. Foundation launches campaign to help Canadians recognize a stroke and act “FAST”
Stroke is the third leading cause of death in Canada, and a leading cause of disability. FAST, which stands for Face, Arms, Speech and Time, highlights that the quicker you act, the more of the person you save. Heart and Stroke Foundation receives $2 million for research
Largest research gift in Foundation history. Foundation calls for research and regulation of e-cigarettes
Statement cites safety concerns, potential impact on youth behaviour and role as potential quit aid. Foundation urges Canadians to cut back on added sugar
New position statement provides guidance on sugar consumption. Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds nutrition labelling consultations
Improving labels will help Canadians make more informed choices, Foundation says Study shows benefit of prolonged heart monitoring after unexplained strokes
New England Journal of Medicine publishes research shedding new light on cause of strokes. App monitors walking to improve recovery after stroke
By tracking balance and steadiness, ‘MyWalk’ app could help reduce falls. Gout medication may boost brain recovery after stroke
Study points to exciting new potential for existing treatment. 2014 Stroke Report shows more are surviving, but more challenges are coming
New data reveal Canadians are benefitting from improvements in stroke care. But will an aging population, sicker patients, and an increase in strokes among younger Canadians overload our already stressed healthcare system? Heart and Stroke Foundation launches new era of first aid training
‘One-Stop-Shop’ for first aid and resuscitation training will empower more Canadians to save lives and reduce the impact of injuries. Foundation celebrates its more than 140,000 volunteers during National Volunteer Week
“Our volunteers empower Canadian families to live healthy lives,” says David Sculthorpe, CEO, Heart and Stroke Foundation. Cardiac rehab programs benefit brain as much as heart
Study finds exercise boosts blood flow to brain regions responsible for movement, cognition. Can telerehabilitation improve recovery after stroke?
Seven studies explore high-tech approaches that could fill gaps and expand access to services in Canada Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds investments in Canadians’ health
2014 Federal Budget includes cost-saving measures for charity lotteries and an increase in tobacco taxes. More Canadians survive heart attacks and stroke, but not enough maintain healthy change
Heart and Stroke Foundation 2014 Report on the Health of Canadians shows that although some survivors are making healthy changes, many need more support to thrive to the fullest. Heart and Stroke Foundation invests more than $38 million this year in research across Canada
Increased research impact will create more survivors. First AED installed to launch life-saving initiative
Heart and Stroke Foundation and federal government install first automated external defibrillator as part of new program to equip arenas across Canada. Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds proposed contraband legislation
The Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds the federal government for proposed legislation to keep contraband tobacco off Canadian streets and out of the hands of children. New recommendations stress the importance of patient involvement
New recommendations released today for physicians, nurses and allied health professionals highlight the important role that stroke patients and their families play as they progress through the various stages of care. $16 million investment in first of its kind Canadian chronic disease research project
The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and the Heart and Stroke Foundation are pleased to announce a $16 million investment in a first of its kind partnership between the cancer and cardiovascular research communities that will strengthen our understanding of chronic disease. Leading Canadian health organizations release a Vascular Declaration calling for urgent action on vascular disease
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