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What caregivers need; healthy BBQ
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AUGUST 2014 He@lthline is generously supported by Dairy Farmers of Canada

  Canoers   9 ways to get active
on vacation

Yes you deserve to relax this summer. But regular physical activity will leave you feeling healthy and refreshed. Try these ideas.

Eat well
Eat well
Be active
Be active
Cook healthy foods
Cook healthy foods
The truth about juicing
By Cara Rosenbloom, RD

It's touted as a big health booster. But before you drink your carrots and kale, read this.
Six reasons to try tennis
By Elisabeth Smitko,

Don't stay on the sidelines – grab a racquet and get out there. Here's why you should.
These scrumptious main-course salads make the perfect summer supper.
Farro and mushroom salad
Grilled tortilla and shrimp salad
Pork with black bean salad
More recipes
Greek lentil salad
Featured recipe from
Dairy Farmers of Canada, our partner in health
Dairy Farmers of Canada supports Canadians in eating well. Try these delicious recipes:

•  Paprika shrimp and havarti crostini •  Herb-marinated grilled chicken salad
•  Honey peach panna cotta •  Pork tenderloin with peaches
Dairy Farmers of Canada - Every Day The Foundation thanks Dairy Farmers of Canada for its generous support.
This is not an endorsement.
News from the heart
  Dairy Farmers of Canada App Eat healthier and support the Foundation
A healthier future is a tap away with the free Get Enough Helper app from Dairy Farmers of Canada. Use the app to track what you eat and ensure you are getting enough essential nutrients from the four food groups in Canada's Food Guide. Each day Canadians use the new app, Dairy Farmers of Canada will donate $1 to one of three health charities, including the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Get the app.

Heart&Stroke Healthy Weight Action Plan

Manage your weight – we can help
The Heart&Stroke Healthy Weight Action Plan™ is a free, easy-to-use plan developed by experts using the most up-to-date scientific research. In this program, we'll coach you every step of the way to your healthy weight. Try it today.

Heart&Stroke Blood Pressure Action Plan

Take control of your blood pressure
High blood pressure puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke. Reduce your risk with the Heart&Stroke Blood Pressure Action Plan™ a free, interactive tool to track your readings, set goals and receive reminders. Try it today.

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