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OCTOBER 2014 He@lthline is generously supported by Dairy Farmers of Canada

  Dr. Fenske   What are you grateful for?

Thanksgiving could be good for your health. Research suggests that expressing gratitude can enhance well-being. Get inspired by these reflections from heart disease and stroke survivors and others.

Eat well
Eat well
Be active
Be active
Cook healthy foods
Cook healthy foods
Make a healthy lunch
to go

Are you hitting the food court too many days of your work week? Your health could be taking a hit. Instead, try packing lunch like a pro with these tips from our dietitians.
Why your arena needs
an AED

Kevin Vinding was playing hockey when his heart stopped. Luckily there was a life-saving defibrillator at the arena. Learn how you can get funds to bring an AED to your community.
Skip the sandwich and try these deliciously different recipes to pack for lunch at work or school.
Sweet potato bean
and rice boats
Egg pancakes with veggies
and rice
Lentil macaroni and cheese
More recipes
Curried lentils and vegetables
Featured recipe from
Dairy Farmers of Canada, our partner in health
Dairy Farmers of Canada supports Canadians in eating well. Try these delicious recipes:

•  Tropical breakfast couscous •  Fusilli salad with salsa and feta
•  Big batch beef and root vegetable stew •  Fresh blueberry lemon muffins
Dairy Farmers of Canada - Every Day The Foundation thanks Dairy Farmers of Canada for its generous support.
This is not an endorsement.
News from the heart
  A survivor Calling all women survivors
Are you a woman recovering from a heart attack, angioplasty or bypass surgery? Then we want you! We're testing an exciting new application to support women of all ages in their recovery and we're looking for volunteers to try it. Click here for more information.

Hero in Thirty

Become a hero in 30 minutes
Do you have 30 minutes to learn how to save a life? Take the Hero in thirty© CPR training and learn what to do if someone has a cardiac emergency. This training is offered across Québec. To register, contact our instructors in your region.

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