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May 2016 He@lthline is generously supported by Dairy Farmers of Canada
Ask a cardiologist:
Your annual physical
What can you learn at a routine checkup that could protect your heart? Dr. Jay Udell has the answer in our regular Ask a Cardiologist column.

Healthy eating on the road
Planning a family trip? Get one mom’s road-tested tips for eating healthy on vacation.

Eat well
Eat well
Be active
Be active
Cook healthy foods
Cook healthy foods

How Facebook can make you healthier

Add some healthy #inspiration to your newsfeed. Here’s how one woman used social media to help herself (and 50 friends) cut back on sugar – and how you can do it too.

Keeping active on vacation

Vacations bring a welcome break from the grind. But what happens to your activity routine? Fitness expert Josée Lavigeur has solutions to help you stay fit and enjoy your holiday.

Snack attack? These healthy bites appeal to kids, parents and everyone else.

Apple maple cheddar muffins
Oatmeal choco-cranberry cookies
Icy fruit smoothie bowl
More recipes

Dairy Farmers of Canada, our partner in health
Dairy Farmers of Canada supports Canadians in eating well. Try these delicious recipes:

•    Make-ahead berry breakfast parfaits •    Chicken, Swiss & vegetable bulgur salad
•    Roasted tomato and cauliflower pasta bake •    Butterscotch ginger pudding
Dairy Farmers of Canada - Every Day The Foundation thanks Dairy Farmers of Canada for its generous support.
This is not an endorsement.

News from the heart

  Donate and triple your impact
Give to the Heart and Stroke Foundation today and Desjardins Insurance will triple your gift. Donate now.

  Take control of your blood pressure
High blood pressure is the number one risk factor for stroke and a major risk factor for heart disease. Reduce your risk with the free online Heart&Stroke Blood Pressure Action Plan. Try it today.

  Learning to live with heart disease?
Facing heart disease is easier when support and understanding are close by. The Heart&Stroke Healing Circles community on the Curatio App is your online connection to others just like you. Download the app or view it online to feel connected, supported and informed. Free, secure and easy. We're in our final testing phase and would love to welcome you as an early community member. Download the app or view online at

  Eat healthier and support the Foundation
The Get Enough Helper App from Dairy Farmers of Canada helps you keep track of what you eat to make sure you get enough of what you need. Plus, each day you use the App, Dairy Farmers of Canada will donate $1 to the Foundation. Get the App now.

  Free CPR Training at Mercedes-Benz!
Mercedes-Benz Toronto Corporate Stores wants to put the brakes on cardiac arrest. Partnering with the Foundation, they are offering free CPR training at their dealerships this spring and fall. Register today to learn this life-saving skill.
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