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November 2015 He@lthline is generously supported by Dairy Farmers of Canada

  When your genes
put you at risk

Family history can double your risk of heart disease and stroke. Take our free Risk Assessment to learn more about your risks – and what you can do today to protect yourself.

How to keep kids moving this winter

Too cold to head to the park? Chase away snowy and rainy days with these boredom-busting active indoor games.

Eat well
Eat well
Be active
Be active
Cook healthy foods
Cook healthy foods
Healthy comfort food recipes

Cold, dark days make it tough to resist rich, hearty meals. Follow this guide to satisfy your cravings for comfort food and still maintain a balanced diet.
Easy exercises for two

Exercise buddies can provide that extra bit of motivation you need to stay active during the winter. Grab a partner and try these beginner friendly, no-equipment exercises together.
Enjoy comfort food guilt-free with these dietitian-approved recipes.
Beef and squash stew
Ham and potato chowder
Homemade macaroni
and cheese
More recipes
Dairy Farmers of Canada, our partner in health
Dairy Farmers of Canada supports Canadians in eating well. Try these delicious recipes:

•  Cajun sweet potato and chickpea chowder •  Big batch beef and root veggie stew
•  Root vegetable gratin •  Orange-scented London Fog
Dairy Farmers of Canada - Every Day The Foundation thanks Dairy Farmers of Canada for its generous support.
This is not an endorsement.
News from the heart
  Your investment can save lives
Did you know that donating securities is a tax-effective way to support life-saving research? Learn how your gift of stock could help the Foundation improve the health of every Canadian family, every day.


Get the app!
Reignite your heart health motivation with the new <30 Days app. The redesigned app, generously supported by Desjardins Insurance and Shoppers Drug Mart, delivers a pocketful of motivation with small actions that target your personal heart disease and stroke risk factors. Try it now.


Show your heart and brain some love
Start living better today. Follow our new blog for the latest research updates, healthy recipes and health news you can trust. Find it at


How much sugar is in your food?
One Sweet App is building the first public database that includes the content of added sugar in foods. We can't do it without you! Find out how you can scan products, and help give Canadians the information they're not getting on the nutrition label. Get the details.

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