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  How to help a helper   How to help a helper

More than 315,000 Canadians live with the effects of stroke, many relying on family members for daily care and support. As a friend or neighbour, here's how you can lighten the load.

Eat well
Eat well
Be active
Be active
Cook healthy foods
Cook healthy foods
Bring on barbecue season
By Cara Rosenbloom, RD

Summer means quick, simple dinners from the grill. Here's how to make them healthy and delicious.
Water workouts
By Matt Mayer, MSc

Water activities are a great way to stay cool and work out at the same time. On a lake, at a beach, in a pool, here's how to have fun and be active.
The grilling is easy this summer with these healthy barbecue recipes.
Pineapple ginger chicken
Garlic herb steaks
Cherry wine pork tenderloin
More recipes
Crunchy wild rice salad with blackberry dressing (soups & salads)
Featured recipe from
Dairy Farmers of Canada, our partner in health
Dairy Farmers of Canada supports Canadians in eating well. Try these delicious recipes:

•  Sweet pepper, beans and broccoli pasta •  Barbecued curried chicken burgers with yogurt sauce
•  Make-ahead berry breakfast parfaits •  Butterscotch ginger pudding
Dairy Farmers of Canada - Every Day The Foundation thanks Dairy Farmers of Canada for its generous support.
This is not an endorsement.
News from the heart
  Heart&Stroke Healthy Weight Action Plan Manage your weight – we can help
The Heart&Stroke Healthy Weight Action Plan™ is a free, easy-to-use plan developed by experts using the most up-to-date scientific research. In this program, we'll coach you every step of the way to your healthy weight. Try it today.

Heart&Stroke Blood Pressure Action Plan

Take control of your blood pressure
High blood pressure puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke. Reduce your risk with the Heart&Stroke Blood Pressure Action Plan™ a free, interactive tool to track your readings, set goals and receive reminders. Try it today.

Atrial Fibrillation

Interested in atrial fibrillation? We need your help.
Fifteen per cent of all strokes are caused by atrial fibrillation (Afib), an irregular heartbeat condition. If Afib has touched you or your family, help us improve our resources by completing a short questionnaire. To take part, contact Sameera at 416 489 7111 x 3304 or at

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