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By David Rocco, Celebrity Chef

David RoccoWhen considering eating in a heart-healthy way, the Mediterranean diet is one of the best in the world. Italians love to eat fish, legumes, nuts, pasta, vegetables, fruit, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil, which are healthy and flavourful substitutes for butter, cream and even salt. "I often joke with friends that I don’t cook," says David Rocco. "I assemble, and that’s often the case when you use fresh seasonal ingredients."

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Stocking my kitchen
My kitchen is always stocked with these five essential ingredients. With them I can assemble 30 different dishes.

Watch David Rocco prepare these recipes:

Fusilli with meatballs (Video)

Pasta shells with fresh ricotta cheese (Video)

Spaghetti with cold Caprese sauce (Video)

Panzanella salad (Video)

Chicken cacciatore with fresh tomato sauce (video)

Butternut squash soup (video)

Zuppa di pesce (seafood soup) (video)

Chocolate meringue cookies (video)

Lentils with sausage (video)

Braised beef with polenta (video)

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