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Strawberry mint sun tea 

Strawberry mint sun tea

Makes 6 servings

This refreshing summer beverage is also a great family activity. Watch as the sun brews your tea on a hot summer afternoon. This works best on a sunny day that is at least 25°C.


  • 6 cups (1.5 L) cold water
  • 4 herbal berry tea bags, caffeine free
  • 2 sprigs of mint leaves
  • 24 frozen strawberries
  • 24 ice cubes


  1. Place the cold water in a large clear glass pitcher or jar. Add the tea bags and the mint. Cover with a small towel, large enough to keep debris and bugs out. Place the tea in direct sunlight for 4 to 5 hours.
  2. Divide the strawberries and ice between six tall glasses.
  3. Discard the tea bags and mint. Pour the tea into the glasses and serve.

Nutritional information per serving
(1 cup / 250 mL tea plus 6 strawberries)

  • Calories: 15
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Total fat: 0 g
    • Saturated fat: 0 g
    • Dietary cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Carbohydrate: 5 g
    • Dietary fibre: 1 g
  • Sodium: 11 mg
  • Potassium: 63 mg

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