It’s Easy to Imagine Winning with the Heart&Stroke Lottery

Heart&Stroke LotteryThe Heart&Stroke Lottery has your BEST ODDS 1 in 3! With odds like this, it’s like a dream come true. 

There are 3 Grand Prizes of $1 Million. Imagine what you could do with a million dollars. Buy your dream home? Take the extended vacation you’ve always imagined? Maybe even retire early. This is your chance to walk away with $1 Million in cash – tax free!

Plus, there’s millions in cars, cash, trips, electronics and more! Imagine yourself driving away in a brand new 2009 luxury vehicle. Maybe you’ll take your family on a dream vacation to an exotic location. Imagine the possibilities!

Buy your ticket today and you will help fund critical life-saving research that helps save lives – we all win!

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**Ontario Residents Only