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Editorial Policy

The Heart and Stroke Foundation's goal is to provide accurate, current, unbiased information that is easy to read and understand. All our health information is reviewed by subject experts to make sure it is based on evidence and that it reflects current clinical practice in Canada.

The content provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and consumers should seek the advice of their physicians or qualified health care provider for questions regarding specific medical situations.

Editorial independence
The Heart and Stroke Foundation maintains complete editorial independence and operational separation from our corporate supporters.

Our editorial process

Writing and review
Content is based on current Canadian clinical practice and guidelines. Subject experts review content for accuracy and credibility, and to make sure it reflects current Canadian clinical practice. Foundation staff managers and editors approve all content.

The Foundation actively monitors guidelines and medical journals to stay abreast of changes in science. Changes are assessed, and updates made accordingly. In addition, every page of health content is reviewed on a rotating, five-year basis.

Corrections and improvements
The Foundation aims to provide information that is as accurate and clear as possible. Any feedback received is kept on file for consideration when the text is revised. After editorial review, changes that improve clarity or accuracy are made as quickly as possible.

Linking Policy
We encourage sites to link to We request that:

  • You notify us by email of your intent to link to our homepage, or specific subpage.
  • Text links reference our website as “Heart and Stroke Foundation”.
  • Use of our logo is not permitted without expressed consent.
  • You do not place or phrase links in any manner that implies endorsement or approval of your website/product/service.

Placing your link on our website:
Where content is deemed appropriate, we will, at our discretion, place links to external websites on

Please read our linking policy.

The editorial policy applies to sections labeled Health Information, Healthy Kids and Multicultural Resources. It does not apply to content in other sections of which are reviewed only at the time it is published.

Last updated: May 2011