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When it comes to research, sometimes what looks like a small advance could make a huge difference. Read below about a "polypill" with potential to help countless Canadians who are living with heart disease and stroke. Also in this issue: new guides for stroke survivors and a super snack you should be eating.
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Could one pill prevent disease?
Could one pill prevent disease?
For people living with heart disease and stroke, it can be tough to remember which medication to take when. Dr. Eva Lonn is testing a "polypill" that could combine key drugs and ensure more people get the meds they need.
The healthiest snack ever?
The healthiest snack ever?
If one simple food could reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 37 percent, would you eat it?
GDemystifying stroke recovery
Demystifying stroke recovery
Two new guidebooks – one aimed at young adults -- are helping survivors and their families understand the impact of stroke and move forward with recovery. Both books are available for free download.
RECIPE: Almond-crusted fish with broccoli rice
RECIPE: Almond-crusted fish with broccoli rice
Quick and satisfying, this recipe combines the crunchy goodness of nuts with heart-healthy fish. All Heart and Stroke Foundation recipes are dietitian-approved to be higher in fibre and lower in saturated fat, cholesterol and salt.
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