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How can some people exercise, eat right and still struggle to maintain a healthy weight? The answer, researchers say, may lie within our genes. Dr. Susanne Clee investigates the relationship between our genes and body weight. Also in this issue: cardiologist Dr. Jay Udell explains what you can do to protect yourself from a family history of heart disease.
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Obesity and your genes
Obesity and your genes
When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, exercise and eating right don’t work the same for everyone. New genetic research led by Dr. Susanne Clee could explain why and change how we understand and treat obesity.
Are your genes putting you at risk?
Are your genes putting you at risk?
Family history can double your risk of heart disease and stroke. But you can do something about it. Start now by taking our free Risk Assessment to identify your risks and learn how you can add healthy years to your life.
Ask a cardiologist: Family history
Ask a cardiologist: Family history
What can you do if your family has a history of heart disease or stroke? Dr. Jay Udell shares what you need to know to reduce your risk, in our Ask a Cardiologist column.
Recipe: Carrot apple pancakes
Recipe: Carrot apple pancakes
Apple and carrot add natural sweetness plus healthy fibre to good old fashioned pancakes.

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