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Born with a serious heart defect, Owen needed one more surgery to make it to his sixth birthday. His mother Laura's touching story shows the true power of research at work. Also in this issue: keeping arteries clear of plaque, and training for a half marathon.
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How research saved Owen
How research saved Owen
Thirty years ago, children like Owen did not survive. But research has given him a future, thanks to a series of surgical procedures to correct his heart defect. Watch as his mother shares their story of courage and survival.
My first half marathon
My first half marathon
To shake up her activity routine, Elisabeth, a Foundation staffer, set her sights on running a half marathon – with 12 weeks to get ready. Follow her progress and learn how a fresh activity goal could motivate you.
Aiming for clear arteries
Aiming for clear arteries
Unclogging blocked arteries is the goal of Dr. Katey Rayner's research. She is studying cellular processes that contribute to atherosclerosis, the buildup of cholesterol and plaque that is a leading cause of heart disease.
RECIPE: Rosemary-feta pearl couscous salad
RECIPE: Rosemary-feta pearl couscous salad
Perfect for a light side dish at dinner or packed in your lunch bag, this salad delivers protein and fibre in one delicious combo. Bonus, it's ready in less than 30 minutes.
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