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This year you helped create more survivors -- whether you made a donation, volunteered, learned CPR, attended a Heart and Stroke Foundation event, told your MP you want a healthier Canada, or committed to a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. Thank you. Here are some of the ways your support is moving the Foundation closer to our vision of healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Together we will make it happen.
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Helping hearts repair themselves
Helping hearts repair themselves
Dr. Duncan Stewart is leading the world's first clinical trial to repair a damaged heart using the patient's own cells. For the estimated 500,000 Canadians living with heart failure, the stakes could not be higher.
Ask a cardiologist: Depression and heart disease
Ask a cardiologist: Depression and heart disease
Dr. Jay Udell looks at the relationship between mental health and heart health, and explains what you can do to protect yourself.
Research and the race to save lives
Research and the race to save lives
Heart disease and stroke are the second and third leading causes of death in Canada. Meet some of the researchers across Canada who are tackling that challenge in myriad ways, supported by 100 new Foundation grants.
RECIPE: Slow cooker beef brisket
RECIPE: Slow cooker beef brisket
Head out for a day on the slopes or at the rink knowing you'll come home to a hot, delicious dinner. All Heart and Stroke Foundation recipes are dietitian-approved to be higher in fibre and lower in saturated fat, cholesterol and salt.
  February is Heart Month. February is Heart Month. Please give generously when your neighbourhood Heart and Stroke Foundation canvasser calls.  
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